Color Prediction Game: The Club Scam (Exposed)

The Club Scam — Biggest Online Gambling Scam Exposed

Dear friend,

I’m Venkatesh Vanjaku from Andhra Pradesh. This article is purely to expose a gambling scam.

I’ve heard about this gambling websites from my relatives and friends and decided to write about it to save your money.


What is “The Club Scam”? What is this application?

This is a gambling application where you can invest some amount and predict a color or combination of color. If that color was the result you will earn some amount apart from invested amount (Huge Taxes Applicable).

The following are the screenshots of the gambling applications.

Screenshots of Color Prediction Application

How this went viral?

The founders/creators of this application targeted youth, college students and house wives as a medium of promotions.

They will offer good amount for each referral, so it got many referrals within few days. The primary reason that people fall in this scam is to earn pocket money or for daily expenses.

If my friend is earning why can’t me? How they cheat?

There are few telegram channels and WhatsApp groups operated by the Internal Team of this gambling applications where they share predictions before 10–20 seconds.

One of the Telegram Channel

Initially they will start sharing predictions 7:3 ratio i.e, 7 correct and three wrong predictions. They will guide you how much amount you need to invest as well.

Initally you will earn good amount (if you followed them), then you slowly start referring your friends because we want our friends also earn some money for their expenses, and this is the weakness that the gambling app team making advantage of.

Slowly the prediction ratio will be turned out to 3:7 and may be less as well. At that point of time, you might have lost your money. When you realize that you have lost money, this app would’ve reached many other’s because of you. This is the strategy that they are using to promote the application.

On a conclusion, they made you to trust them and they will make you invest high amount with wrong predictions and they will just go invisible. You will be with empty hands and an experience. There’ll be no one who’s going to get your money back.

Taxes/Commissions they charge?

  1. If you win a prediction they will charge 10% or more.
  2. If you want to withdraw the money that you’ve added they will charge Rs.30 (if it below 1500) and some other percentage if it’s above Rs.1500

Do they operate through any other domains?

As per my research and knowledge they’ve been operating through 1000+ domains as on 2nd of August 2020.

What are the domain names/websites that are involved in this this scam?

  1. Joey Union
  2. Jony Clubs]
  3. Lucky Bloc
  4. Paduo Clubs
  5. Monle Mall
  6. Yells Clubs
  7. Fary Clubs
  8. Cone Clubs
  9. Tomis Clubs
  10. Bozer Clubs
  11. Heera Clubs
  12. Bonis Clubs
  13. Merry Clubs
  14. Coem Clubs
  15. Facdor Clubs
  16. Terion Clubs
  17. Booe Clubs
  18. Siller Clubs
  19. Vilio Clubs
  20. Quale Apps
  21. Yaves Clubs
  22. Fade Apple
  23. OK Bros
  24. Biote
  25. Wide Broc

Note: If you found some other domains operating this scam or you’re a victim of this scam, please do respond at the end of this article by clicking Submit Response or email me at


16 Reasons/Proofs to prove this is a Gambling Scam

Let’s start from simple analysis and common sense and then will move into technical information.

A) Their website is not responsive, I mean they’ve designed it only for smartphones not for computers/laptops. As far as I know every legitimate website will be responsive. Look at their design how stupid is that.

Their Web Page Captured in Laptop (Latest Update: They’ve updated most of their websites which looks like genuine)

B) This is a betting application where you bet on colors which comes under Gambling. Gambling is illegal in India, unfortunately, there is no specific law that consider online gambling in India. (Lates Update: They’ve claimed in their notice that they’re registered company, why are they not sharing their registration information?)

C) It’s neither a registered nor authorized company by any state/national government in this WORLD. It doesn’t have a Refund Poilcy published on their website.

D) If this application is legitimate and genuine why’re they not using a single name (domain) to operate and rather using 20+ domains switching them from one to other. Isn’t this suspicious?

List of Gambling Scam Websites (Still Counting)

E) Who’s sharing the predictions in Telegram? Aren’t they insiders of this Gambling Apps? Why initially most of them were correct later not? (I mean initially when you invested small amount the predictions were correct to make you trust them, later you invested high amounts and wrong predictions to cheat you)

F) There is no contact information either to complain or for support. Every stupid company will have a contact page, why any of these applications don’t have that?

G) The domain names like, and most of their websites are registered recently (so that they can scam quickly and reach more audience without being noticed because of name difference)

Most of the domain ages are less than 2 months, isn’t this suspicious?

H) All their domains are registered with Privacy Protection, why? Because nobody knows who’s the owner of the website, domain.

I) They’ve an android application that’s not available in play store? Do you know why? Either it could be illegal or Malicious.

J) Have you noticed their Payment Gateway It’s not common gateway that comapnies/individuals use. The reason is legitimate payment gateways will not support this kind of illegal/cheating/gambling applications who don’t even have a Refund Policy.

Payment Gateway which Supports Scammers

K) The application is built in China and the servers are located in US.

Their Server Locations

L) List of YouTube Videos that explain these applications are Scam.

M) There is no option to de-activate or delete your account permanantly.

N) Information Is Wealth: You’ve shared confidential information with them i.e, your name, mobile number, email address, account number, bank name, IFSC Code etc., What else they can simply sell this information and earn huge amount.

Latest Updates (as on 13th August 2020)

O) As my article went viral and lot of people started sharing their feedback with me, I’m reaching out to police and sharing the evidences. Few websites have responded to my article by publishing a notice on their home page as mentioned below. Surprizing one website is telling the other one stolen our memeber data. The other one telling we’re not scammers, we’re a registered company.

Biote claiming okbros have stolen their data and okbros claiming that they’re are not scammers. has shared the below notice stating have stolen their member’s data. And are claiming that they’re not scammers. Whom to believe? I would say both are frauds, trust me this is a biggest scam in India.

P) Surprizingly they’ve changed their User Interface which looks like a genuine website but not. If you’re a old user, you can see the difference between old interface and new interface.

LOL :), they’re modifying their websites, but still under construction.

Webistes under construction to scam new people 🙂 Don’t trust those scammers guys.

Targeted users: College Students, Youth, House Wives & other Middle Class Public

Responsible Organizations

  1. Pasfar Technologies Private Limited (a.k.a Cash Free Technologies) for offering Payment Gateway
  2. CloudFare for Offering Name Servers and SSL Certificate ( )
  3. NameSilo LLC for not-deactivating Gambling Scam Domains

Estimated Scam Value

The estimated value of this scam is close to 460 crores approximately.

Life is not about what you couldn’t do so far, Its about what you can still do, now it’s time to save our fellow indians to not be a victim of this scam. Let’s raise your voice and share this article with as many friends as possible.

What you need to do?

  1. Tap on Wallet and tap on History/Historical Payments. Make a note/screenshot of the information available and keep it safe. Identify the transcation in your bank account and keep the reference number handy.
  2. Withdraw the available money in wallet (Ignore the money you lost).
  3. File a Complaint in your nearest police station with all the proofs that you’ve.
  4. Register a complaint in Cyber Crime Portal using this link
  5. Submit the Police Complaint Copies to the bank and Request Refund.
  6. As all the domain names are registered by NameSilo LLC, let’s report abuse to them either via email or by submitting the form using this link
  7. Stop spreading/referring this application/link with your friends.
  8. If you know any person who’s sharing answers/predictions note down their contact information.
  9. Most importantly, please report the URL that you’ve used in ICANN’s website by clicking here, so that they will take necessary actions.
  10. Consider reporting them in

My Suggestions

I) Never trust any website/person who offer’s easy money.

II) Always Check the Age of the Domain, Owner of the Domain, URL Reputation, URL Security, SSL Certificate and always read about the company, search for reviews, verify registration, confirm secured and legitimate payment gateways, Refund Policies etc.,

III) Never submit your bank information in any gambling/unnecessary applications.

IV) Search in Google, Reddit, YouTube, Wikipedia using the Keyword to see if there any scams happend earlier.

V) Never invest blindly in Any Application that you’re not aware of.

VI) Read online scam news frequently, so that you can identify scammers easily.

Reader’s Responses

One of the user who lost around Rs. 55,000

One of the reader contributed by sharing a scamming website address.

One of the user who emails for a suggestion.

One of the user who emailed me for help.
Responses for this Article in Medium

Note: Nobody can stop this scammers except YOU. Yes, you can stop if you stop trusting these kind of people who offer easy money. Yes, you can stop these scams if you stop inviting/referring your friends. Yes, you can stop these scammers if you report them. Yes, you can stop these scammers if you don’t invest in them. Yes, you can stop these scammers if you share this with people in your network.


I hope I’ve shared what I want to share, now it’s your call to trust me or that applications. I don’t have the ability to stop the scammers completely or two create awareness for everyone. So start spreading this scams in your network and let’s save our innocent Indians.

If you like this article, hit clap and share it with your friends. Don’t forget to add any other URL’s of this scammers in the response section below and feel free to share your experience.

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Thanks for reading this article, have a nice day 🙂 #StayHome #StaySafe

Jai Hindh !!

4 thoughts on “Color Prediction Game: The Club Scam (Exposed)”

  1. Yes we support government’s decision but if government is going to ban all these apps then give us a chance to withdraw our rest of money because the amount we lost we can’t get them back. So if the government will ban these please give us a chance to withdraw our money once.

    • Sanskari, if Government can recover money from these scammers, probably they’ll call for applications with the proofs that you’ve deposited money. As this scam is operated by Chinese, I believe they would have already transferred the funds to their accounts, hence it’s not easy to recover them.

      Even if they recover, it’s upto Government whether they should refund it or to keep with them. To answer your question, if the government allow these domains for few more days, there will be lakhs of people who became new victims.

      I hope you can understand, what I mean. Please do not trust all the websites and applications. Government cannot verify each and every website. It’s our responsibility to save our money. Please consider verifying information of any websites/application before making any payments. No matter which website/service it is.


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